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Background History

Marketing is born and I do everything marketing

Born in the family of traders, I was destined to become a marketing guru. Marketing was mentally constructed to the extent that it became a dream profession. Although I was good in other career related courses accounting in particular; the whole me was driven by the market place.

Long before my marketing studies, the market place was once my play ground with Customer Service, CRM, Advertising, PR a norm. Weekends and after school I had to visit my family at the market, feed at the market, play at the market and the market became me.

In this era of dynamic engagement, the new paradigm shift brought major changes to our traditional market place and once marketing strategies. Though I was born with analogue marketing behavioural traits, the digital world presented an exciting challenge in my career. IT and digital design swayed my heart with marketing forming the basis of my creativity.

There is no denial that the world has become the global village orchestrated by ICT, change is inevitable and an opportunity has been presented to marketers with impossible dreams.

Inspired by Dolly Parton’s Song
"Yesterday is no more, Tomorrow is forever"
Prayer of St Brandon, The Bold

“Help me LORD to journey beyond the familiar and into the unknown. Give me faith to leave the old ways and break fresh new ground with you”

I am geared up to embrace change and take any opportunity in the digital world as long as it is being backed by marketing concepts and its strategies.

In epitome, I was raised by the difficulties of analogue trade and I will raise through the beauty of trade aided by the digital platform.

Core Info

Nickname: Tia

Motto: Marketing is born, I do everything marketing.

I’m a Marketing Strategist with firm interest in digital marketing and design. So I specialise in a multi disciplined approach to my work incorporating marketing and design.

Working as a Digital Marketing Assistant and Network Marketing Freelancer, I’m aged 28 and currently based in Century City, Cape Town.

I studied at Midlands State University where I gained Second Upper Class (2.1) Honours Degree in Marketing Management. Passion for digital gave me the courage to further study Graphic Design (Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator), Web design and Development (Mobirise, Html, CSS and Bootstrap).

I utilise the skills acquired to ensure favourable ROI and manage customer relations (CRM) through online, in-house, field marketing and long term brand management.

Career Objective

To become a world class marketing expect practitioner living a distinguished mark of excellence in the field of marketing applying acquired skills.

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