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Content Marketing

Content Marketing cape town

Marketing is impossible without great content.
Quality content is part of all forms of marketing (Social Media Marketing, SEO, PR, PPC, Inbound Marketing etc.). Regardless of any type of marketing in use, content marketing should be part of your process, not something separate.

My focus is on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content pieces to generate brand awareness, to attract and retain clearly defined audience and ultimately derive profitable customer action.

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Leads Generation

hot leads cape town, south africa

Leads is the foundation of major successful marketing campaign be it telemarketing, email marketing, referrals leads. Therefore, TIA defines a Lead as any person who expressed desire to purchase a specific item or any individual who fall in the category of company’s target market.
Lead generation as a process, consists of gathering the contact details and personal information of qualified prospects.

To ensure conversion, Leads generated and supplied depends on:
• the demands of the client
• client business profile
• Research and Quality Assurance for a legitimate lead.

Lead Quality Assurance
TIA Marketing qualifies the leads through lead management system before sending them to clients.

Clients receive leads in real time with the least possible risk based on set agreements.
TIA uses Pay per lead or Pay per Sale system based on agreed fee

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Email Marketing

email marketing cape town

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies and it offers a huge opportunity for return on investment.
Communicate and share offers with your target audience while generating and qualifying leads in the process.
Email marketing campaigns will be carried out to a targeted market segment using applied advanced marketing systems with the aim of brand building, brand awareness, strengthening brand loyalty and ultimately sales generation.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing cape town

Choose and develop relevant social media channels
The objective is to ensure your brand reaches your target audience not one size fits all strategy.
Set Social Media Marketing Goals
This permits tracking the performances of social media content and ensures continuous improvement through testing and adjusting social media marketing tactics.
Develop connections
The objective is to establish relationships, new leads, new business and partners.
Create social media content plan and execution calendar
Target driven content and proper timing results in improved ROI. Top of mind awareness is created through regular strategic posting.
Social Media Brand Monitoring
Manage your brand through monitoring interactions with the brand, providing immediate customer responses and feedback [Helps to build online reputation and personality.]

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